Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

From free site surveys to full blown blast engineering, call on Mitigation Technologies.

Vulnerability Assessments

Once the actual threats are identified, the vulnerability assessment considers the vulnerability of the facility/location to an attack, and the potential impact of loss from a successful attack. Impact of loss is the degree to which the mission of the agency is impaired by a successful attack from a given threat. A key component of the vulnerability assessment is properly defining the ratings for impact of loss and vulnerability.

Security Plan Development

We deploy proactive assessments, planning, and countermeasures to avoid the possibility of loss or damage to physical assets. The final deliverable is an evaluation of the security-related risks to a location or facility. We analyze potential threats, vulnerabilities, and estimate consequences which could impact a facility using a variety of sources and information.

Physical Penetration Assessments

If it has been years since your last assessment, it?s time to re-evaluate the protective security controls and remediation efforts for your facility. Performing a physical security risk assessment allows you to focus efforts to reduce liability, and realize the greatest return on investment (ROI) for your organization.

Emergency Management Planning

Vulnerabilities are one of the biggest challenges facing organizations both domestically and globally. Our in depth assessment process allows us to identify and all potential modes of attack and work with our clients to mitigate such vulnerabilities. Our team of professionals have all been trained the Department of Defense in the areas of Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Assessment, Risk Analysis, Risk Management and Mitigation.