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UFC Clarification

The wording is easily misunderstood…

THE UFC 4-010-01 (dated 9 February 2012)

Safetydrape Blast curtains meet these guidelines and can be used anyplace other than:

1. New construction

2. Major renovation (over 50%)

3. Window replacement project

B-3.1.8 Alternative Window Treatments.

Window retrofit products that rely on fragment retention film, fragment retention film as part of a retrofit system, or blast curtain or blind systems generally have higher life cycle costs than laminated glass windows due to their shorter design lives and due to operation and maintenance issues. Application of those products, therefore, will be governed by the following paragraphs:

B- New Buildings and Existing Buildings Undergoing Major Renovations or Window Replacement Projects.

Window retrofits incorporating alternative window treatments will not be considered an acceptable alternative for new buildings or existing buildings that are required to comply with these standards, except for leased buildings as stated below.

B- Leased Buildings.

For leased buildings that are required to comply with these standards, windows using laminated glass are preferred, but window retrofits incorporating alternative window treatments may be allowed if they provide the appropriate level of protection as indicated in Table 2-1as long as the lease agreement stipulates that they will be maintained and replaced in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations. This will include meeting the requirements for supporting structural elements. Compliance with the required level of protection may be demonstrated through analysis or through testing. Testing will be performed in accordance with ASTM F 1642.

B- Other Existing Buildings.

For existing buildings that are not required to comply with these standards, window retrofits incorporating alternative window treatments are viable and economical UFC 4-010-01 9 February 2012 72 solutions to mitigating the effects of explosive attacks, but will be evaluated prior to installation so that reduction in glass hazards may be validated.

For further clarity please contact:

US Army Corp of Engineers
Protective Design Center
Omaha Nebraska

Mitigation Technologies develops and deploys innovative life-saving security solutions.

We are a standoff reduction company that offers mitigation against anticipated threats and vulnerabilities. In addition to our Safetydrape® Blast Curtains and industrial foreign object mitigation systems, we also offer threat assessments and custom designed engineered solutions. We continue to expand our product line to offer solutions that effectively protect and save the most lives for the least cost.

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