Blast Curtains


Safetydrape® protects lives worldwide from the White House to Afghanistan. Governments and civilians alike trust Safetydrape®. Invented in 1991, we have been providing this system for over 20 years. Safetydrape® is independently tested. This blast mitigation product meets and exceeds the GSA’s glass hazard requirement, as well as the DoD Minimum Anti-terrorism Standards for Buildings (UFC 4-010-01).
Safetydrape® is a patented drapery system designed to mitigate flying glass shards and debris caused by a bomb blast. The product protects lives by venting intense blast loads while safely capturing deadly flying projectiles. Clients include the U.S. Armed Forces, a range of civilian agencies, the General Services Administration and foreign governments, as well as the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.
Standard Features
  • Protects all types of windows
  • Easy installation
  • Designed for longetivity
  • Does not require anchorage or hardware



Standard Fabric Colors

Winter white, Fog, and custom colors available

Standard Trough Colors

Custom colors available


Performed by factory and DHS certified personel worldwide

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