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High-tenacity Safetydrape protects against blast debris and easily installs in any building.

Information for Architects & Engineers

We’re here to share our blast world experience and technical expertise for effective safety design and construction. Our team of engineers has designed everything from blow-out panel catcher systems to hardening mobile storage and offices to industrial fragmentation containment. Our systems can be found on high voltage power lines in Europe, pipelines in the Middle East, and boiler factories in America.

We have the expertise to assist you with a range of technical materials including technical drawings, test results, specifications, CAD drawings, and test documentation.

Safetydrape® is one of our most popular and flexible products and can be found in buildings worldwide installed into everything from sheetrock to concrete and marble to terracotta block. Other glass hazard mitigation technologies sometimes require reinforcement; but Safetydrape® does not require anchorage or reinforcement. BIM models can be found on our ARCAT page. Safetydrape® has been used in LEED certified buildings; contact us for detailed Green and LEED information. If you are working with privately owned government leased property, we can provide you with information specifically for leased properties. In all cases, we’re able to assist with site specific design criteria.

Current architectural and engineering approaches reduce standoff by 50% (AFRL) using Mitigation Technologies’ PAXCON Polyurea coatings. Existing structures can quickly be brought up to the minimum AT standards by using PAXCON Polyurea PX-3350. In addition to being blast resistant, our polyureas protect against oxidation and other environmental factors. For additional information and test data, please click here.

To find out more about how our safety products can be deployed in your design and construction and talk to us about custom designed and engineered solutions, please contact us to schedule a presentation.

Mitigation Technologies develops and deploys innovative life-saving security solutions.

We are a standoff reduction company that offers mitigation against anticipated threats and vulnerabilities. In addition to our Safetydrape® Blast Curtains and industrial foreign object mitigation systems, we also offer threat assessments and custom designed engineered solutions. We continue to expand our product line to offer solutions that effectively protect and save the most lives for the least cost.

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