How Did We Develop Ballistic Panels?

October 23, 2019

More and more, we see active shooter events around the Nation. Craig Schwartz began to develop the Ballistic Rolling Panels out of concern that the existing products in the market were too expensive for use in places that seem to be targets, like schools. He researched the products available and determined that we could build a better product with a lower cost.

Initially, we developed the Sergeant Maj Stan model for use in office or school settings. The panel is on casters and can have tack boards, or signs on them, both to disguise their use and to be useful and practical. At the same time we developed the Lieutenant Hero model.

Based on our own testing, Craig determined that there is a need for a product that could be used for defensive cover for exiting an active shooter scene. This began the development of our cart-style models the Corporal Tuff. With the mobility of a hand-truck, the model can be used while moving through a hall toward an exit.

We took that model to market and began to test it with our customers. Based on their feedback, we developed more versatile models, the Sergeant Santiago and the Captain Flood. We still keep our costs low by rejecting fancy bells and whistles that we see in our competitors products, so our prices can be low to our customers.

We want our customers to be able to save more lives for less cost.

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