Who We Are

Mitigation Technologies

We serve the warfighters and law enforcement who serve our country. Therefore, we listen to those on the front lines. As a result, we develop products and services which create safer environments. Safety is our mission and our #1 priority.

We are a standoff reduction company offering solutions against threats and vulnerabilities. In addition to our risk assessments and custom designs, we offer solutions that effectively protect and save the most lives for the least cost.

Our Mission

we develop and deploy innovative life-saving
security products.

Capabilities Statement
Core Values
  • Save more lives for the least cost.
  • Continuously perform with integrity, and strive for continual
  • Discover and act according to the needs of our customers and staff.
  • Maintains continued growth with an efficient, high-performance
  • Strive to provide unparalleled dedication and responsiveness to
    our suppliers and dealers.

Giving Back

As part of our deep commitment to the United States of America and to our veterans, we donate a portion of sales to Warrior Wellness Solutions. This non-profit organization provides integrated health and wellness solutions to our nation?s wounded warriors and their families. WWS’s services are targeted towards Active Duty & Reserve Military, Veterans and First Responders. For more information, please click here.