Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will Safetyscreen work with my windows?
A. Yes. Installation is easy and our installers can install Safetyscreen into any window configuration.
Q. Can I remove Safetyscreen for maintenance of the windows and cleaning?
A. Yes. Safetyscreen has two installation options: it can be installed permanently or with tamperproof screws which can be removed for cleaning or maintenance.
Q. Can Safetyscreen be used in conjunction with Safetydrape®?
A. Yes. Many of our customers have concerns relating to both force protection and electronic security. This combination makes sure you are fully protected.
Q. I’m concerned about purchase and installation costs.
A. Projects are quoted based on scope of work, location of installation and other factors that are specific to your location. This means that you get a fair and upfront estimate and never pay for more than you need. When purchased with Safetydrape®, installation of Safetyscreen is free.
Q. Can Safetyscreen be completely blacked out for 100% visual privacy?
A. Yes. Screens can be created to blackout windows.