Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Safetydrape® made from?
A. Safetydrape® is made from high-performance, high-tenacity polyester fibers manufactured by Honeywell International (now Performance Fibers).
Q. Is Safetydrape® washable?
A. Yes, Safetydrape® can be be washed. Contact Us prior to the cleaning process to ensure that your method does not void the factory warranty.
Q. Can we install Safetydrape® without dealer participation?
A. No. In order for Safetydrape® to be installed in accordance with the DHS SAFETY Act, the product must be installed by certified installers.
Q. How much does Safetydrape® cost?
A. Safetydrape® is a custom product. The cost is based on your window dimensions and includes the drapery, track, trough and installation. For a cost estimate based on your window dimensions, contact us online or call us at 800-616-2837 or contact your local dealer.
Q. We have fragmentation retention film (FRF) on our windows, why would we consider Safetydrape®?
A. In many window configurations, where it is only possible to install the FRF as a daylight application, the FRF could easily fail under the pressures of a blast. Recognizing this, the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Center of Expertise for Physical Security requires that all window film installed in a daylight application must have a backup of either a blast curtain or a catch bar system to catch the sheet of film and keep glass from entering the room.
Q. What is the warranty on Safetydrape® and what is its expected life?
A. The drape is covered by a limited 20-year warranty, the trough by a limited 30-year warranty and the hardware by a limited lifetime warranty.
Q. Is Safetydrape® dependent on the wall type or construction?
A. No, because Safetydrape® does not rely on brute force. Safetydrape® works on every mounting surface and with every wall configuration. It is the only product in its category that does not rely on the bond between glass and frame or the bond between frame and the building.
Q. Who has purchased Safetydrape®?
A. From Kuwait to Japan, from judges’ chambers to military bases, Safetydrape® can be found providing security and peace of mind for all branches of the military, government, corporations and the hospitality industry.