About Safetydrape® Blast Curtains

Safetydrape® is a patented drapery system designed to mitigate flying glass shards and debris caused by a bomb blast. The product protects lives by venting intense blast loads while safely capturing deadly flying projectiles. Designed in response to the statistic “80-85% of injuries sustained during a blast event can be attributed directly to glass shards,” (Glass, 2003)* Safetydrape® has rapidly grown to be a global, facility protection system. Clients include the U.S. Armed Forces, a range of civilian agencies, the General Services Administration and foreign governments, as well as the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. See partial list.

The Safetydrape® system includes the drape itself, anchorage hardware and a trough which is placed at the sill of the window for holding the additional length of drape necessary for the operation of the system. The drape is anchored at the head of the window (either inside or outside mount) while remaining unanchored at the sill. Pressure from a blast unfurls the drape from the trough to create an envelope that captures flying debris. Once the blast pressure dissipates, the drape deposits the glass shards and debris on the floor at the base of the window.

Safetydrape® has been subjected to numerous in-house and independent tests using ANFO, C4, and dynamite explosive charges. These tests were conducted at numerous standoff distances, with various glass types and charge weights to validate the limits of the product. Calculations using ATBlast Software by Applied Research Associates indicate that loads in the range of 4 to 55 psi were placed at the face of the glass. Detailed test results.

*Glass, S. J., 2003. Assessment, Development, and Testing of Glass for Blast Environments, Albuquerque, New Mexico: Sandia National Labs.