The superior glass hazard solution
that’s been tested and proven worldwide.

High-tenacity Safetydrape protects against blast debris
and easily installs in any building.

Safetydrape is Protecting lives worldwide from the Whitehouse to Afghanistan. Governments and civilians alike trust Safetydrape. We have been providing this system for over 20 years. Safetydrape is Independently tested and meets and exceeds GSAs glass hazard requirement, as well as the DOD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings. Safetydrape is the only Glass hazard mitigation product that does not rely on the anchorage to the wall to be effective. In this video, The Safetydrape® was anchored with #8 2” zinc plated steel screws into 3/4” plywood​. Mitigation Technologies is the exclusive manufacturer and patent holder for Safetydrape® blast curtains. All components are factory original parts, and are recyclable. Our blast curtains ship as a complete life-saving system, including all components and hardware required for installation.​