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Product Description

PAXCON® PX - 3350 is a two component, 100% high performance aromatic polyurea spray elastomer system. Zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and 100% solid, PX- 3350 offers outstanding performance and superior elastomeric protective coatings for various substrates. PX-3350 was designed as a user friendly product: it allows for moisture insensitive applications because of its pure polyurea chemistry and it offers exceptional adhesion properties to properly prepared substrates. The high performance chemicals formulation of PX-3350 produces an excellent skin formation for chemical resistances and moisture protection barrier.

PAXCON® PX-2100 is a two component, high performance polyurea/polyurethane hybrid spray system. Zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and 100% solid, PAXCON PX-2100 offers outstanding anti-spalling protection, superior impact resistance with proprietary spray-on technology. PAXCON PX-2100 is designed to prevent spalling (explosion of metal fragments) and can be specified in thickness to achieve various levels of anti-spalling protection. PAXCON PX-2100 has a built-in activator for quick cure times and offers exceptional adhesion properties to practically any properly prepared substrate. The high performance chemical formulation of PAXCON PX-2100 produces an excellent skin formulation for chemical resistance.

Areas of Application - Force Mitigation - Blast Mitigation - High Performance Protective Coatings Applications - High Chemical Resistance Applications - Anti-Spalling - Fragmentation Control

Features - Excellent Thermal Stability - Low Permeability Rate - Low Temperature Flexibility - Good Chemical Resistance - Seamless - Fast Reactivity and Cure Time (No Catalysts)


Available in 55 gallon drums. (sets of 2)

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