Protective coatings with exceptional
ability to strengthen walls and vehicles against blast.

Two force-resistant protective coatings:
• PX-2100 for anti-spalling protection
• PX-3350 for blast mitigation protection

PAXCON® polyurea by Mitigation Technologies manufactured by LINE-X corporation is a high-performance, blast resistant coating suitable for a wide variety of applications. It is widely used for industrial and blast enhancements of bridges, tunnels, buildings, and vehicles. Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) has tested and concluded that a 1/8 of an inch application of PAXCON® (PX-3350) can reduce standoff distances by up to 50%!

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PAXCON® PX-3350: Known in military and research circles as an Energy Resistant Coating (ERC), the PAXCON® coating is flexible, yet stronger than steel.

This means that walls outfitted with the unique PX-3350 coating can withstand explosions up to 20 times greater than a normal, uncoated wall. In the event of an explosion, the PAXCON® coated walls flex, but stay together. PX-3350 can be applied to numerous types of structural materials, including wood, steel, plasterboard, concrete, brick, block, and more. See pictures.

Rigorously-tested standalone solution: Independent testing and live fire demonstrations have shown to be an outstanding retrofit solution reducing the blast effects and offering protection from rust and degradation. Excellent for infrastructure protection, including bridges, tunnels, structures, and pipelines, PX-3350 can prevent our nation’s infrastructure from crumbling under a bomb blast or natural disaster.

PAXCON® PX-2100: One of the greatest threats from a ballistic attack comes from spalling or explosion of metal fragments. LINE-X’s PAXCON® PX-2100 can be sprayed over any surface hard enough to cause a projectile to spall, such as aluminum, ceramic or steel. PX-2100 will encapsulate bullets and other ballistic objects, remaining intact, without posing further secondary damage resulting from spalling and fragmentation. The high-performance chemical formulation of PX-2100 produces an excellent skin formulation for chemical resistance.

Fire Retardant Option: PAXCON® FR (“FR”) is a premium quality water based, nontoxic, thin film intumescent fire retardant, fire resistant product formulated to provide a fire retardant, resistant barrier on a variety of interior substrates, including gypsum board, oriented strand board and other wood products, composite architectural panels, class A polyurethane foam, Icynene® Style Foam, masonry, concrete, thin gauge metals, fiberglass, as well as many other substrates. It is suitable for residential, multifamily, commercial and industrial projects, for both new and reconstruction projects. Color: Standard off-white, but may be custom tinted. FR is approved for interior use on certain assemblies only.

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