We have developed a working prototype of the Greenlight system and are currently working to bring the prototype to COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf).

The Greenlight system allows the subjects within range of the monitoring device to be seen with the naked eye in total darkness. Life forms are detected by a thermal sensor and then illuminated by a green laser projection. This projection allows whatever is sensed to be viewed by the naked eye. When applied to night vision, perimeter detection and search and rescue, the projection’s “glow in the dark” effect allows for increased efficiencies, reducing response time and saving more lives. Contact us for a video of this technology in action and for additional information.

Typical Greenlight Scenario

At Command Center:

  1. Security personnel identifying a breach long before they enter a controlled area.

  2. Security Personnel deploys assets.

  3. When the time is right, they arm Greenlight and the targeted individuals are lit up in a visual spectrum.

  4. Now you can see in total darkness with the naked eye!