Building Owners/Property Management of Leased Government Space

Use Safetydrape to meet UFC and SAFETY Act criteria: Government lessors are required to maintain minimum anti-terrorism standards. Use Safetydrape to make sure you don’t lose tenants because of compliance issues!

The Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) states:

“DoD personnel occupying leased buildings deserve the same level of protection as those in DoD-owned buildings. Implementation of these standards is therefore mandatory for all buildings with DoD populations…that are leased for DoD use or in which DoD receives a space assignment from another government agency…” (UFC 4-010-01: 1-8.4)

“For leased buildings that are required to comply with these standards, window retrofits incorporating alternative window treatments [such as Safetydrape®] may be allowed if they provide the appropriate level of protection.” (UFC 4-010-01: B-

Safetydrape® is the only Glass Hazard Mitigation system that protects you according to the SAFETY Act while bringing your properties up to the appropriate level of protection.


  • Does not void window warranties
  • Unlike film, causes no damage to your building and windows
  • Lower lifetime operating costs. Lasts 3x longer than film (20 year warranty)

Know The Facts About FRF (Fragmentation Retention Film)

Window film may seem like a cheap and easy glass hazard mitigation solution for your buildings, however, these films come with drawbacks:

  • Window film will void window warranties
  • Wet glazing adds a ¾” layer of caulking to the mullion which can create a mess during installation and even more issues during and after removal
  • Film lasts for only 7 years and must be replaced afterwards
  • Removing film so you can add replacement film may cost more than the original installation.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) SAFETY Act Information

  • Zero liability: Distributors, architects, engineers, and specifiers of Safetydrape® as well as building owners and customers who have Safetydrape® properly installed are likely to have zero liability due to death or injury related to glass in a terrorist event.
  • Significant injury reduction: In a bomb blast, glass is likely to cause death or injuries to 85% of building occupants. Safetydrape greatly reduces that risk.
  • SAFETY Act coverage: No other glass mitigation product has SAFETY Act coverage.
  • Certified as a “Qualified Anti-terrorism Technology”
  • DHS approved: On the DHS “Approved Product List for Homeland Security”
  • Insurance discounts: Many insurance agents offer discounts based on the limited liability of the SAFETY Act. Ask your insurance agent about discounts.
  • 67% of terrorist attacks are bombings. [FBI Publication # 0308 1980-2001
  • 57% of terrorism targets were civilian/commercial. [FBI Publication # 0308 1980-2001 domestic]
  • Meets SAFETY Act criteria. See also: Safetydrape Compliance.