In 1990, as troops were being deployed to the Gulf War, Craig Schwartz learned from a TV news report that “85% of death and injury from a bomb blast occurs because of flying glass and debris”. With his knowledge of fabric and background in engineering, Mr. Schwartz created Safetydrape®. By 2000, Mr. Schwartz formed Mitigation Technologies in response to the growing need for his invention, Safetydrape® and to also develop and deploy other security products to market. Since then, Mitigation Technologies has expanded into the product areas of EMI/RFI Shielding, Structure Reinforcement, custom designed engineering solutions, and threat assessments.

As a manufacturing company, Mitigation Technologies sells its products direct from the factory and through a worldwide network of dealers. These highly trained dealers offer Mitigation Technologies’ entire product line to a wide range of domestic and foreign government agencies, military installations, and public and private sector entities. Mitigation Technologies’ customer base includes the U.S. Armed Forces, Civilian Agencies, General Services Administration, foreign governments, as well as petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. See partial list.

As Mitigation Technologies has expanded over the years, the company has remained true to its mission for integrity and continual improvement. The company and its worldwide network of dealers and installers are dedicated to providing excellent service.